Tropical Storm Jose

Tropical Storm Jose is projected to hit coastal areas of southern New England starting late on Tuesday September 19th and the effects are expected to last into Thursday. Although a storm of this magnitude will bring lots of rain and wind, the biggest potential issue affecting our clients is power. Wind, trees and lightning can all disrupt power service. In general, critical infrastructure such as servers and network gear are protected by Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and surge protection and should be safe during power events. In addition, FlightPath IT staff is manually verifying the status of critical backups.

To prevent data or equipment loss for any non-critical computers, network gear or other infrastructure that are not protected by UPS or surge protectors (not basic power strips but true surge protectors) we advise our clients within the storm’s path to simply shut down and unplug these devices at the end of business Tuesday 9/19 as well as Wednesday 9/20. We also recommend unplugging these devices in the event of unexpected power loss during business hours. In some cases the danger lies not in the event of power loss, but in the restore of power as all the devices surge back on at the same time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, at or via our support line at 617-844-1411, option 1.