Meet FlightPath IT

FlightPath IT was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing high quality, trustworthy IT service to small businesses in Greater Boston and beyond. Our management team combines over 45 years of expertise, action and service in the small business sector. Whether as trusted business advisors, data security experts or leading edge technology consultants, FlightPath IT has the know how to exceed your expectations and help your business SOAR.

Meet our Management team:

Tom Bechard, Director

After studying physics at Syracuse University, Tom began his career in the audio electronics industry, moving on to work in supporting embedded systems development tools at a firm that developed solutions for clients such as IBM, General Motors, NASA, and the US Air force. From there he moved into IT systems administration of Unix, Linux, and Windows.  With more than 30 years of experience, having worked as a Director of IT, built and operated a small data center, and developed a data backup appliance, Tom understands the challenges facing clients in balancing business costs vs. technology requirements.

"The pursuit of technical solutions needs to be tempered by business requirements and limitations, but at the same time those solutions need to leverage an organization's efficiency and competitive advantage."


Jonathan Sheldon, Director

Jonathan has more than 15 years of IT management experience. He is a specialist in managed services, particularly operations, security and disaster recovery. Jonathan's focus is customer service and building rewarding relationships with clients and partners alike.

Jonathan is a native of Massachusetts' north shore, having lived there most of his life. He is a dedicated family man. His IT interests revolve around passwords, data and network security, while his personal interests include spending time in national parks, winter sports, tabletop gaming, the Boston Red Sox and the Star Wars films. He was among the first students in the US to graduate with a bachelor of science in information technology (from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).