Our guiding principle, and our goal is that we want to help our clients SOAR

What is SOAR? Its just a catchy "backronym" we made up!

S - Success

O - Ownership

A - Action

R - Reliability


When our clients succeed and grow, we succeed and grow. Our business is service at its heart and is built on word of mouth. We will do everything in our power to help our clients succeed.


Occasionally things don't go smoothly. Your business might run into a small IT problem or a large IT problem from time to time. FlightPath IT owns that problem so you don't have to. We'll address the problem quickly, we'll keep you up to date on progress and solve that problem in a timely manner.


Action goes hand in hand with ownership and at our heart we are problem solvers. FlightPath IT can often recognize a problem before you or your employees do and bring it to your attention. We will then agree on a plan of action, whether it be a simple reboot, hardware replacement, software upgrade, or an even larger project. We will always suggest the best method to solve the problem and then act on it.


FlightPath IT is simply reliable. We respond to your requests and problems in a timely manner; and solve them in a timely manner. We arrive onsite when critical problems occur. We respond to tickets on nights and weekends. Our combined experience of over 45 years means we have put in the hours and done the work, so we know what level of service you expect, because it is what we expect of ourselves. Sometimes we even bring donuts!