Replacing Passwords

I recently read this article from Bloomberg concerning the progress of technology that could help replace passwords for security access. Passwords have lots of problems, the foremost of which is that the average person isn't aware how vulernable they are to password breaking or cracking.

The article discusses presence detection, voice recognition, facial recognition and other biometric measures, and while some of these technologies are promising, there are always people working tirelessly to break these technologies.

I personally believe we are a long way from getting rid of passwords. Essentially, even biometric measures just end up passing passwords behind the scenes, though the end user may not have knowledge of what that password is.

If we are a long way from getting rid of passwords, that means that our password are necessarily going to need to get longer and more complex and thus harder to rememebr.

When I started out in the industry, it was standard that a 6 character password was nearly impossible to crack with techniques available at the time. In the 16 or so years that have elapsed since I've graduated college, that safe number is more like 12 characters.

Best to practice safe secs.