By now you've probably heard about the Yahoo! breach. This is almost certainly the largest known breach of passwords and user information of all time. What makes it worse is that the breach not only includes passwords and email accounts, but also security questions and answers.

If you've ever been a Yahoo! user, which I suspect is almost everyone reading this, you should first change your Yahoo! password and all your security questions and answers, but secondly, and this is very important, you should enable multi-factor authentication for Yahoo! which provides a second layer of protection. You should actually enable multi-factor authentication for any service that allows you to do so, but especially for email accounts, banking and social media (the most likeley targets of hacking).

The worst part about this is that it is likley Yahoo! has known about this for several months, and it may just be coming out now only the purchase of Yahoo! by Verizon.

Good luck, and please contact us with any questions.