Make Encryption Work For You

Device encryption is a hot topic lately. In the past, device encryption technology has been just out of reach of the average consumer, due to local or national laws, efficiency, cost, processing power, or some combination thereof. Now, pretty much all of those factors have been mitigated with modern devices and software capable of full disk encryption on the fly.

I recommend using encryption wherever possible - encryption protects you, your data, and it even protects your employer, your family and friends. Every once in a while I hear a story about someone who has lost a phone with no password and no way to remotely wipe the device. Their data, potentially their employer's data, or personal details of their family are all exposed to any person who happens to pick up their device; this is a huge risk.

I've also heard stories of people's laptops being stolen, this is a common concern in business. If your disk is not encrypted, then anyone can grab data off of it without needing your password. Encryption can help stop this.

Here's a handy article that gets into deeper detail about the whys and hows of enabling encryption on your devices.